Month: February 2022

Benefits Of Using A Data-driven Strategy In Hiring

Hiring effectively is one of the foundations of a strong and profitable organization. Having bad hires would, therefore, be very detrimental to the development of any organization. Having bad hires has a lot of negative effects that go beyond just loss of money (which is actually more than most people think) it also includes waste […]
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3 Steps To Avoid Having Bad Hires Again.

Let’s face it; hiring is never easy. And recognizing a bad hire is even harder. It’s tough when you discover that someone you hired has the skills that match up with what your company needs but doesn’t match with your company’s culture.  What should you then do after recognizing a bad hire? First (and most […]
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7 Tips On How To Recognize A Bad Hire.

Recognizing a bad hire isn’t always easy. So how do you tell if someone isn’t working out or won’t work out? After all the effort you put into finding and hiring the right person, it can be a shock to realize that person isn’t right for your company. How do you get to know? The […]
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