5 Things Driving Away Your Top Tech Talents

Professionals have established that it is even more difficult to keep good talent than to find one and watching your superstars as they walk out the door is challenging, yet this keeps happening even more.

So the question is, whose role is it to manage every individual on a team while building a strong workforce? Well, I will leave you to answer that.

If you are having a high talent turnover rate, there could be a lot of factors at play in your organization. It is important to know that the rate of turnover says more about a company than an employee. When turnover rates are high, it is often an indication that working conditions are not optimal, that pay is below market average, or that staffers are undertrained. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to have this known about your organization right?

Consequently, it is imperative that you take steps to address the reasons why employees are leaving, and that you act accordingly, to ensure that you retain your talent.

Below are 5 things driving away your top tech talents.


1. Organizational Culture of Listening

Attentiveness to your employees not only keeps your talents engaged but also keeps you aware of their expectations. With the technology sector boom in recent years, employees’ expectation while working has changed and if you are not listening to them, someone else will listen by then, it may be late and even more expensive to keep them.

You will need to speak to your staff once you are able to notice withdrawal from company activities, underperformance, and frequent sick requests. This can only be known when you pay attention to your tech talents.

2. Inadequate Training

Training is a key factor in employee retention. Harvard Business Review found that employees who received training were more likely to stay with their companies, while those who didn’t receive training were more likely to leave.

In other words, when your company provides training programs for its tech talents, you’re not just improving their skill sets—you’re also helping them develop new careers within your company! So what should you include in these programs?

For starters, on-the-job training teaches skills directly related to the job itself: how do we operate our equipment? What data should I be looking out for when processing customer orders? etc. Off-the-job training involves teaching employees about workplace culture, career opportunities within the larger organization, and the use of the latest technology.

3. Inflexible Work Arrangements and poor work culture

Flexible working arrangements are a hot topic in the tech industry. The benefits of flexible work arrangements include increased productivity, employee retention, and loyalty, as well as reduced stress and mental health issues.

With the rapid establishment of various tech companies, employees now have more options than ever before hence, having a positive workplace culture is now crucial for your tech employee retention because employees who experience a toxic, uninspiring culture can easily quit and move on to another company.

4. Lack of Recognition

Recognition is a key element in any job. It’s important to recognize your employees’ achievements publicly, as well as privately, but there are some simple things you can do to make sure you’re doing this effectively.

  • Make sure everyone knows the criteria for earning recognition. If you don’t have formal policies for honors or awards, then make it clear what you consider exceptional behavior and performance. Make sure your employees know how they can get recognized by giving them examples from previous winners or from their coworkers who’ve received recognition before them (if possible).
  • Give out awards frequently—and don’t be stingy! You want people to feel appreciated often so they continue putting forth their best efforts on a regular basis because they know that someone else will notice if they do something great! For example: “Hey Bob, thanks for finishing that project ahead of schedule—you deserve this free lunch voucher.”
5. Limited Learning Opportunities

Do you provide your employees with the opportunity to grow and develop?

How many times have you heard that employees want to learn new skills, but can’t find the time? Or that they’re afraid of looking like a know-it-all in front of their peers if they work on something new, even if it’s something that would benefit both the company and them?

If this sounds familiar to you, then it’s time for a change. Your tech professionals need more than just job security; they need opportunities for growth as well. They also want ways to spend time outside work doing what they love. So give them these opportunities by providing training programs that help them expand their knowledge base, build new skills, or simply explore other areas of interest within your industry niche.


Knowing what makes tech talent leave a company, isn’t it time to make some major changes?  The goal of retaining talented employees is an ongoing process, but reversing harmful practices can assist in refining talent development efforts.

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