7 Tips On How To Recognize A Bad Hire.

Recognizing a bad hire isn’t always easy. So how do you tell if someone isn’t working out or won’t work out?

After all the effort you put into finding and hiring the right person, it can be a shock to realize that person isn’t right for your company. How do you get to know?

The signs are fairly easy to spot:

7 Tips On How To Recognize A Bad Hire.

1. They don’t take the job seriously—or at least, they don’t take your company seriously.

Even if someone is genuinely having fun and isn’t serious about their work, that’s not a good sign—they’ll feel free to coast along without putting in work and not caring when things start falling through the cracks.

2. They’re not a team player.

If they’re not willing to collaborate with and support other team members, they may be out of sync with your core values.

3. They’re always late or missing deadlines, or they’re giving excuses for why they need more time than agreed upon.

If a person is consistently late or doesn’t deliver on their commitments, there are bigger issues at play than just simple procrastination.

4. There are indications of unethical behavior (for example, taking credit for another person’s work).

This can range from small things like claiming that a great idea was theirs when it wasn’t to bigger things like taking clients from other people or lying about client data.

5. There are signs that they are difficult to manage. When there are indications of stubbornness or insubordination. Or they create more problems and issues than they solve, usually causing problems for the rest of their team or the organization at large.

6. When an employee leaves or is planning to leave their jobs before they have been with the organization long enough to earn the organization a return on their investment (usually less than a year).

This is becoming rampant especially in the Tech industry when an employee decides to quit before being productive enough to equate the amount spent on his employment up until the time to leave.

7. Situations where it is evident that an employee doesn’t fit into the work culture of the organization. They more often than not go in a direction that doesn’t align with that of the organization. 

And they are not willing to re-align with the organizations’ direction or learn more about the organizations’ direction.  

What Next?

If you find yourself with a bad hire on your hands, don’t worry—there are still things you can do! Now that you know what kind of employee you’re dealing with, it’ll be easier for you to handle the situation.

Not everyone can always tell ahead of time if they’re getting a dud or a hidden gem. Even the most qualified candidates can be a bad fit for certain jobs, or say all the right things during the hiring process, but then disappoint during the actual job. 

Hopefully, with this article, it’s not hard to tell when a bad hire has happened or is about to happen. Don’t ignore those warning signs—you could save your organization tons of trouble down the road.

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