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We recently conducted research on the importance of training on employee productivity and motivation. 62% of respondents strongly agree that training programs are a great way to increase motivation. 

A workforce filled with people eager to learn and develop is a sure sign a company hired well. Employees who are engaged in their jobs and careers want to know more about their company and industry and to learn skills that will improve their performance. Employers who want to harness the full value of their employees and foster loyalty and retention will find training is a winning prospect for all involved.

Each employee contributes to an organization’s overall function. Only, not everyone sees how that occurs. Employees with specific and limited scope jobs can easily come to feel they are just a cog in the wheel whose work may not be that important. Training can help employees understand how their work fits into their company’s structure, mission, goals and achievements. As a result, employees can become more motivated and excited about their work as they understand how what they do matters to the success of the organization.

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