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We recently conducted research on the importance of training on employee productivity. 79% of respondents strongly agree that training programs help to increase productivity. 

Employers should note how common it is for employees to leave if they don’t receive the necessary training to do well in their positions. Research shows that only 18% Agreed and 1% were neutral. This means that effective training is as much of a priority for employees themselves.

Career Development

Providing career development training opportunities for your employees tends to improve morale and job satisfaction. It also increases employee retention rates. This typically leads to increased productivity and greater organizational efficiency. For example, paying your employees’ pursuit of project management certification allows them to get skills and knowledge that benefit their professional development. Your company also benefits because the employees can then apply their learning back on the job. Investing in career development opportunities helps to promote innovation and creativity as well.

Knowledge Transfer

Encouraging experienced employees to coach and mentor less experienced employees serves several purposes. Experienced employees receive recognition for their skills and knowledge. New employees get the support they need to develop their expertise. For example, experienced customer service representatives document their troubleshooting procedures and train new employees. This increases the organizational efficiency of the new employees by streamlining the resolution process. Customer satisfaction rates typically increase as well.

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