How to hire a suitable Investment Manager

How to hire a suitable Investment Manager

If you’re reading this insight you’re probably thinking about hiring an investment manager in your organization or as an investor and you want to fill this position with a competent candidate. 

Whatever the reason, you are here now and we would share some of our knowledge, based on our experience in helping investment firms in hiring qualified and culturally fit investment managers.

Here’s our quick checklist for hiring an investment manager.

  1. Qualification
  2. Experience
  3. Background Check
  4. Video interviews
  5. Test and assessment
  1. Qualification

When hiring an investment manager, a good starting point would be to know about his/her education qualifications, professional certifications, and licenses.

  1. Experience

The advice of investment managers with more years of experience is an old-fashioned idea hence, the need to assess their experience level including their experience working with organizations that are in the same sector. Basically, the ideal prospect will be familiar with a wide range of asset classes, such as equity, fixed income, gold (Bonds and stocks instead), etc, and have worked through different phases with a deep understanding of how they will be affected by different domestic and international events.

  1. Background Check

The common way of checking the credibility of any investment manager is by checking here This website includes data on both the firm and individual investment managers who work there with remarks on any disciplinary actions taken against them here

We take extra measures to further verify the credibility of our talents which we’d have loved to share but for now, that’ll be a secret ?.

  1. Video Interview

Video interviewing is an efficient way we quickly compare talents to get an overall sense of their base level capabilities and whether they might be a good cultural fit. By eliminating scheduling complications and delays, video interviews reduce the risk of losing candidates to faster-moving firms.

  1. Test and assessments

Tests and assessments help determine a candidate’s suitability for a role. While a candidate’s previous experiences and accomplishments are great, tests or assessments show how prepared a candidate is. Tests and assessments are conducted to evaluate a talent’s personality, skills, aptitude, and ability to perform tasks. 

At Oscar Temple, we are particular about the welfare of our clients and their needs. To help our clients get their desired results, one crucial thing we do when starting the hiring process is get to know and understand the requirements of our client which better guides us when we dive into our vast qualified talent pool to find the top talents that meet the requirements of our clients, ensuring a fast turnover time of 48-72hours.

The selection of a quality investment manager requires due diligence which consumes a lot of your time, resources, and energy. However, you don’t need to go through this hassle. Allow our niche experts to deliver timely and suitable candidates to fill this role and you’ll be delighted you made this decision. As a reward for reading this far, you have been given a FREE consultation with our specialist consultant! Book here!

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