Back end Developer

Job Title: Back end Developer

Location: Lagos

Experience: 5-8 years


  • Developing C# .NET solutions for the organization.
  • Creating in-house applications using the .NET framework.
  • Debugging and maintaining written code.
  • Defining and organizing projects on an ongoing basis.
  • Reporting and resolving issues related to .NET projects.
  • Identifying and handling technical risks and issues.
  • Working in a project team alongside other developers.
  • Providing technical support to stakeholders in the organization.
  • Design, development and testing of new features in the applications
  • Responsible for regular communication with others involved in the development process
  • Implement, test, and bug-fix functionality
  • Responsibility for design and implementation of software projects using C# 
  • Participate as a team member in fully agile Scrum deliveries
  • Hands-on experience creating reusable libraries in C#
  • Skilled at writing readable, performant and maintainable C# code
  • Solid understanding of .NET multithreading and C# concurrency patterns, basic understanding of Common Language Runtime (CLR) and its limitations
Job Location: Lagos Nigeria

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