Category Manager – Facilities and Premises

Job Title: Category Manager – Facilities and Premises

Location: Lagos

Proposed Grade: Banking Officer(BO)

Location: Lagos

Duties to include:

·         Oversee the development of multi-year category strategies and plans to achieve maximum lifecycle value from key focus categories;

·                          Real estate

·                          Facility management

·         Work in conjunction with End User department at early stage to define category management objectives and develop sourcing plan for high value and critical sourcing initiatives on an annual basis

·         Oversee the implementation of operational planning, specification and commercial viability analysis of supported projects from the perspective of group procurement, taking into account the requirements of the specialist departments

·         Facilitate the conduct of supplier analyses and establishment of strategic supplier contacts in the interest of optimizing and intensifying collaboration on projects

·         Manage the continuous systematic monitoring of relevant procurement markets and influential factors in order to best take advantage of strategic avenues of action for the bank’s procurement initiatives

·         Determine key market intelligence requirements for supplier/ cost optimization and provide guidance to stakeholders on trends and strategy impacts.

·         Facilitate strategic sourcing projects, engaging key stakeholders and the required cross-functional resources

·         Coordinate the general analysis of potential suppliers with regard to capacity, creditworthiness, position within the market, credentials, previous business relationships, cost structures and value added processes

I appreciate that this role may not be one you might be interested in. I wondered if perhaps it would suit any friends or colleagues that you might know.  If so please forward my details to them. Kindly note this role is strictly for professionals currently in the commercial banking space.

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