We are seeking an experienced CEO to manage the day-to-day operations of our company. The right candidate must be ready to build and model a great company culture, provide inspired leadership to our executive team, establish a great working relationship with the board of directors, and set a course for company strategy.


  • Provide inspired leadership company-wide
  • Make high-level decisions about policy and strategy
  • proffering diverse angles on innovation and an aggressive drive for new ideas, revenue generation, and market penetration
  • Application of technology, as an enabler for business success and expansion
  • Produce THL’s strategic delivery partnerships and business expansion in 9 Africa operations
  • Improvement of market shares within the operating companies and the development and introduction new services
  • Stabilizing the business and setting it on a sustainable growth path
  • Report to the board of directors and keep them informed
  • Oversee the Development and implementation of operational policies and a strategic plan, make high-level decisions about policy and strategy
  • Create an environment that promotes great performance and positive morale
  • Oversee the company’s fiscal activity, including budgeting, reporting, and auditing
  • Assure all legal and regulatory documents are filed and monitor compliance with laws and regulations
  • Work with the executive board to develop culture, determine values and mission, and plan for short and long-term goals
  • Identify and address problems and opportunities for the company
  • Oversee the day-to-day operations of the company working with management
  • Work closely with the human resource department to ensure great hiring


  • Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in a relevant discipline or MBA.
  • Experience in a senior management position
  • Knowledge of profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow management, and general finance and budgeting
  • Ability to build consensus and relationships among executives, partners, and the workforce.
  • Understanding of human resources and personnel management.
  • Experience with corporate governance.
  • Proven negotiation skills.
  • Ability to understand new issues quickly and make wise decisions.
  • Ability to inspire confidence and create trust.
  • Ability to work under pressure, plan personal workload effectively, and delegate.

Job Location: Lagos

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