Cloud Engineer

  • Write Infrastructure-as-Code automation scripts to manage and deploy infrastructure in the cloud using technologies such as Azure ARM/Bicip, Terraform, and/or Pulumi
  • Work with engineers to understand and help enable hosting, security, performance, and deployments
  • Roll out new software components and upgrades across the server environment
  • Configure backups and restores of servers as needed
  • Review resource utilizations and perform optimizations to keep environment running healthy
  • Perform proactive and reactive vulnerability remediations
  • Manage Azure Compute resources with high availability across multiple zones and regions
  • Configure and manage Azure resources such as Functions, VMSS, VMs, Storage, and Key Vaults to name a few
  • Deploy Azure networking devices such as Load Balancers, Application Gateways, Virtual Networks, UDRs, and more
  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related discipline
  • 2+ years of experience performing Software Engineering related responsibilities
  • 2+ years of experience in advanced scripting and automation
  • 2+ years of experience managing resources in a cloud-based server environment
  • Knowledge of Windows Server and Linux operating systems
  • Moderate understanding of networking and troubleshooting through various OSI layers
  • Strong knowledge of deploying and hosting mission critical web applications and services
  • Experience with containerization technologies like Docker and Kubernetes
  • Proficient in scripting using bash and/or PowerShell
  • Solid understanding of how to work incidents to resolution with minimal impact along with automating self-healing solutions.
  • Experience with Configuration management tools like Chef, Puppet, Ansible, or PowerShell DSC  Familiarity with Active Directory
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Azure best practices related to networking, security, compute, and serverless architectures
  • Intellectual curiosity, along with excellent problem-solving and quantitative skills, including the ability to disaggregate issues, identify root causes and recommend solutions
  • Experience with monitoring and telemetry software such as Grafana, DataDog, New Relic, etc.  Ability to perform in a fast paced and dynamic business environment
Job Location: New York

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