DevOps Engineer

Location:  Lagos, Nigeria

Industry: Financial Services (Commercial Bank)

Grade: SBO to take AM


As a DevOps engineer working with the Technical Operations team in the Testing Centre of Excellence (TCoE) unit, you will be focused on automation in Microsoft Azure DevOps as we build and scale our CI/CD, automated code review and release management framework. This will include building processes for automation as well as contributing to the development of internal tools to achieve operational efficiency. This position reports to the Head, Testing Center of Excellence


  • Establish, maintain and evolve concepts in continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipelines for existing and new services.
  • Stability of the CI/CD pipelines implemented via MS Azure for release management
  • Deployment reliability in terms of success rate of operational pipelines responsible for implementation to Test, Staging and Production environments
  • Write clean, stable and safe code in short time frames and frequent increments.
  • Collaborate with Engineering and Operations teams to improve automation of workflows, infrastructure, code testing and deployment.
  • Identify systems that can benefit from automation, monitoring and infrastructure-as-code and develop and scale products and services accordingly.
  • Brainstorm new products, updates and solutions to continuously challenge and improve products, performance, system/data backup, security and customer experience
  • Remain up-to-date on industry trends, share knowledge among teams and abide by industry best practices for configuration management and automation.
  • Quality of verbal/written communication & interaction with colleagues (both within and outside the TCoE team) to better understand customer requirements & issues surrounding reported defects in order to facilitate prompt action on and closure of the bug/feature


  • Extensive experience working within MS Azure and with its managed products
  • Strong experience with containers (Docker, Compose, ECS, Kubernetes)
  • Vast experience with various managed and self-hosted CI/CD tooling (Jenkins, Travis, Drone, Mule, Spinnaker)
  • Strong understanding of DNS, TCPDUMP, CDNS, SSL, Git, Firewalls and networking concepts (VPC, subnetting, VPNs, etc.).
  • Experience deploying microservice architecture, applications, and supporting services
  • Understanding of monitoring tools (Pagerduty, CloudWatch, Datadog, Sentry, etc.)
  • Experience working in and advocating for agile environments
  • Fluent in C# and C# testing best practices
Job Location: Lagos

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