Team Lead, Application Access Control and User Profiling

Location:  Lagos

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  • To closely monitor all bank staff (employees) consultants, contractors and authorized users accessing Bank IT systems and applications.
  • To ensure all requests from branches/departments are logged on the Manage Engine before treatment, and confirm that requests are treated within the TAT as agreed in the SLA.
  • To review users bank-wide from time to time to ensure no user has a processing right without due authorization.
  • To ensure user’s transaction limit are maintained as approved by the management.
  • To carry out review from time to time to ensure that no user maintains two conflicting rights.
  • To administer Service Accounts on a specified applications with appropriate approval in place.
  • To monitor the change in job functions of users in order to accord users with the necessary right at every point in time based on the principle of need to know and least privilege.
  • To ensure applications are available for users and escalate when necessary.

• To reset user’s password whenever users have challenge logging on applications

  • To review the EOD, EOM and EOY activities.
  • To enforce policies on BCP/DR.
  • To ensure implementation of approved recommendations of auditors, consultants and security analysts.
  • To provide leadership, coaching and guidance to all staff in IT Process Control Team.
  • To deliver on all other assignments delegated by supervisors
Job Category: Financial Services
Job Location: Lagos

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