Team Lead Enterprise Architect

Team Lead Enterprise Architect

  1. Developing the Enterprise Architecture and coordinating architecture plans
  2. Coordinating all Enterprise Architecture activities within the bank
  3. Assisting in aligning business and enterprise initiatives with the Enterprise Architecture
  4. Auditing compliance within the Enterprise Architecture standards
  5. Influencing business strategy
  6. Translating or mapping business strategy into information strategy
  7. Understanding technology product and vendor strategies, products, and customer preferences
  8. Understanding, modelling, and representing the organizations business requirements in a human consumable manner, as it relates to strategy
  9. Developing and maintaining project level and Enterprise level model consistency and integration.
  10. Developing methods and techniques for modeling technologies

Demonstrating abilities to derive, define, and explicitly represent various artifacts within The Enterprise Framework.


  • 5+ years’ experience defining and implementing strategies under a CIO or equivalent
  • Extensive experience with enterprise architecture best practices and goals
  • Excellent leadership and motivational skills
Job Location: Lagos

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