Vice President – Corporate Finance

Department: Investment and Markets

Job Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Employment Status: Full time

Reports to: Chief Investment Officer

Supervises: Analyst

Job Summary

The organization  is A SEC licensed issuing house and NSE licensed brokerage firm (Equities and Fixed income) in Lagos, Nigeria is currently recruiting for the position of VP – Corporate Finance.The duties and responsibilities of the Corporate Finance will include:


  • Drive transaction origination, structuring and implementation for the Company’s issuing house business.
  • Support the Company’s issuing house business by leveraging industry knowledge and networks
  • Conceptualise deal structures for debt issuances
  • Be the repository of specific technical knowledge around the issuance of debt instruments including specific solutions for sub-national government entities
  • Understand rating advisory and listing requirements that may be necessary to facilitate the issuance of bonds in the Nigerian capital markets
  • Design the structure of the workflow for specific deals, creating detailed timetables for the team to work with
  • Build financial models and undertake valuations relevant to specific transactions
  • Coordinate the due diligence process for new clients, and for the securities issuance processes
  • Work with other members of the team to identify and engage suitable external professionals to support the securities issuance process (other issuing houses, lawyers, consultants, stockbrokers, accountants etc.)
  • Engage in detailed technical and financial negotiations with clients and other parties to an issue
  • Primarily responsible for all filings, mandatory public notices and documentation related to the public issuance of securities in the Nigerian capital market, working closely with the SEC, NSE, FMDQ OTC and NASD

Prepare Investment Teasers, Information Memorandums and Prospectuses relevant to specific transactions

  • Take the lead in the issuance marketing process, including meetings and presentations to investors
  • Develop the required internal capabilities of the issuing house team through formal training, coaching and on-the-job learning

Perform other functions as required

Job Category: Financial Services
Job Location: Lagos

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