Women in Tech

One of the most important aspects to any industry is diversity. Women in Technology strives for a better representation and understanding on how women can be empowered with their careers, whether it be through networking or mentorship programs that offer female job seekers opportunities they might not otherwise receive without such assistance from organizations.

The world is changing and technology has become a huge part of our lives. Women in particular, have made great advances when it comes to pursuing careers as engineers or developers because they’re underrepresented across these fields- only 18% are employed for such jobs according to their occupation’s gender ratio. Now statistics show that women are an integral part of the technology industry, from technician positions to higher-level jobs, they make up 57 percent of workers at companies like Google and LinkedIn!

In a time when many people are still trying to figure out what they want from life, women have been navigating through this confusion and achieving success on their own terms for years now; they continue disrupting traditional notions about gender roles in order to make way for progress throughout all aspects of society.

The future looks bright with all these innovations happening every day!

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